Toxic Mold Exposure Testing

Toxic Mold Exposure Test

Vibrant America’s Mycotoxins Test

Vibrant America’s Mycotoxins Toxic Mold Exposure Test is a urine-based assay for 31 of the most common mycotoxins produced by molds to which humans are exposed. This test is measured on mass spectrometry, using Vibrant’s patent-pending proprietary technology, to produce the most accurate and clinically relevant assessment of difficult-to-detect toxins that can cause serious disease in humans. Vibrant is able to detect mycotoxins, small molecules, as small as 5 pcg, which greatly expands the number of available mycotoxins detected.

*Indiana and Florida residents only.

*This product purchase does not include a test review from a practitioner.

Individuals at Risk for Mycotoxin Exposure

Individuals most at risk for mycotoxin exposure include those who live or work in older buildings, those who have known exposure to water-damaged buildings, and those with impaired immune responses or higher levels of oxidative stress. Mycotoxins complicate human health in a number of ways and their presence in the human body can lead to a number of serious health concerns, including autoimmune disease and cancer. There may be higher incidence of autoimmune or neurological symptoms in your patients with mycotoxin toxicity. Consider screening for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, connective tissue disorders, celiac disease, and neurological autoimmunity along with mycotoxin testing.

Mycotoxin Symptoms

Mycotoxin symptoms are often general or vague, and difficult to associate with a diagnosis or disease state, and, therefore, may be overlooked during clinical assessments.

  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Chronic burning in the throat and nasal passages
  • Coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath
  • Loss of balance
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Skin rashes
  • Eye irritation or tearing of the eyes
  • Headache and/or light sensitivity
  • Hearing loss
  • Heightened sensitivity to chemicals and foods
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Morning stiffness and/or joint pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sleep problems
  • Poor memory, difficulty finding words
  • Slower reaction time
  • Vision changes
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and/or bloating
  • Unusual skin sensations, tingling, and numbness
  • Increased urinary frequency or increased thirst
  • Disorientation and/or dizziness
  • Static shocks or metallic taste in the mouth

Testing Information

What type of sample is required for the Vibrant Mycotoxins test?

The Vibrant Mycotoxins Test is a urine-based test.

Does the product purchase include a test review from a Bion Healthcare practitioner?

No, the product purchase does not include a test review from a practitioner. Click here to schedule a test review.

Will this test tell me how I was exposed to toxic mold?

No. The Vibrant Mycotoxins test is designed to very accurately test for the presence of mycotoxins, produced by a variety of toxic molds, but it does not specify the location or source of the mold as far as whether it is in your home, workplace, or elsewhere. Mycotoxin exposure can come from both dietary and environmental sources. Dietary sources include spoiled food and environmental sources include living or working in water-damaged buildings, airborne or physical contact with outdoor molds, and airborne dust in buildings containing mold spores.

If I consume food with mold on it, won’t cooking that food kill the mold?

No. Mold is resistant to heat, and, therefore, is usually not destroyed during the cooking process. Inspect all foods thoroughly for mold to avoid consuming contaminated sources.

How long after exposure to toxic mold would we see mycotoxins show up on the test? Does it indicate an immediate or current exposure? Or is it possible that the mold source was at an earlier date? Is the amount of mycotoxin in the blood related to how long the exposure was?

Mycotoxins do not demonstrate absolute positive and negative predictive values for mold-related illnesses. Clinical history must be incorporated into the diagnostic determination. Mycotoxins measured reflect both past and recent mold exposure in the diet and environment. Mycotoxins can colonize in various body systems (respiratory, gut, genitourinary, skin) and can also form biofilms. Results cannot be interpreted to determine timing or duration of exposure, however, the report does indicate whether the mycotoxin measured is a metabolite of food or environmental mold.

After doing treatment to detoxify from mycotoxins and eliminate the source of toxic mold in the environment, how often should I re-test?

There are not established guidelines for retesting mycotoxins after an intervention. That said, similar to other retesting guidelines (e.g. thyroid, lipids, glycemic control, etc.) many providers retest in 3-6 months and at 12 months, and annually thereafter as part of a wellness screen. An argument could be made for retesting earlier, or more frequently, in individuals with severe mold and mycotoxin-related illnesses.

Would this test be accurate for a child?

The Mycotoxin reference ranges are based on healthy adults with no known history of mold exposure. The Mycotoxin test and reference ranges have not been validated in children, however, many providers do run this in pediatric and adolescent populations and accurately detect the presence of mycotoxins.

Will urine concentration or dilution interfere with results?

If the urine is at extremes (either too concentrated or too diluted) it may affect the detection of mycotoxins, leading to false negatives (false ‘lows’) or false positives (false ‘highs’). Normal urine color ranges from pale yellow to deep amber, due to levels of a pigment called urochrome and how diluted or concentrated the urine is. If the urine specimen is completely clear of yellow pigment (if it looks like water),it would be too diluted. If the urine color is deep amber,it would be too concentrated. If the urine color is pale yellow, that is most desirable.

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