Weight Management


Treating Obesity with Functional Medicine

Tackling Obesity through holistic functional medicine approach

Treating Obesity with Functional Medicine. Obesity is a complex chronic illness requiring an approach that examines genetics, environment, and lifestyle. Unlike the conventional approach to weight loss, we look at metabolic, hormonal, toxicity and detoxification function, environmental, and other factors that might be keeping you from losing weight.

Weight Management

Weight Management

Using functional medicine for weight managemnt, we help clients both lose weight and keep the weight off. We accomplish this by employing a number of strategies, including prescription medication, lipotropic injections, diet, exercise, stress management, and diagnostic testing that uncovers other contributing causes.

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Bion Healthcare offers a personalized approach to healthcare. No trip to the doctor’s office required. With virtual access to our medical providers and treatments mailed to you, Bion Healthcare is functional health and wellness made easy.