Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy

Bion Healthcare offers peptide therapy for a variety of health and wellness related issues. In short, peptides are amino acids linked together to form a chain and can be thought of as a protein. To clarify, they are the building blocks of proteins and act as structural components of cells, tissues, hormones and enzymes. For example, some peptides are naturally occurring and others can be artificially synthesized in the laboratory. In short, the body uses these proteins or peptides as signaling molecules. In other words, they facilitate the cell-to-cell communication and allow the body to switch certain cell functions on or off. This property can be harnessed and used to trigger specific therapeutic effects. Therapies include peptides for hair and skin, immunity support, libido, muscle growth, and weight loss.

Over 7,000 peptides are known to exist in the human body.

Common Uses of Peptides

Peptides can direct an enormous number of different bodily functions ranging from hormone production, tissue and muscle repair, immune modulation, brain and central nervous system health, libido and sexual arousal, weight loss, inflammation reduction, DNA repair and aging and direct anti-microbial effects. Because peptides area able to treat very specific conditions in the body, there is a wide range of uses.

  • Increasing Immunity
  •  Psoriasis
  •  Skin care and anti-aging
  •  Increase sexual arousal
  •  Increased erections
  •  Enhancing skin pigmentation
  •  Weight loss
  •  Muscle growth and development
  •  Supporting cognitive function
  •  Decreasing inflammation
  •  Promoting healing of injuries

Peptide therapy Treatment Programs

Hair and Skin Peptide Therapy

Immunity Support Peptide Therapy

Libido Peptide Therapy

Muscle Growth Peptide Therapy

Weight Loss Peptide Therapy

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Peptide Therapy

Telemedicine | Virtual Visits

We see our patients VIRTUALLY via our HIPAA Compliant software. Bion Healthcare’s holistic, functional telemedicine service is a safe, secure, and convenient way to connect with your functional medicine provider. With this in mind, you can visit with your provider from your home or office, or on a smart phone, computer, or tablet. After all, it’s so easy!


A holistic approach to healing includes evaluating and addressing the function of the body’s systems. In short, underlying issues such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle play a large part in the state of our health. For this reason, our approach often lends itself to the evaluation of the body’s systems. This is to say, using functional medicine we can focus on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of illness, rather than just suppressing symptoms. In short, we address the root cause of your health concerns, as well as the symptoms.

Holistic Functional Medicine

Holistic Treatments

We use various holistic treatments to eliminate triggers and restore proper function and balance. To point out, these include herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle changes, and in some cases prescription medications. Deep and lasting healing is possible when we address the root causes of illness. By understanding the core systems of the body and how they are related, many chronic illnesses can be prevented and even reversed.

Who Are Our Clients?

We treat clients with a wide range of chronic health problems. Clients who do best under our care don’t want to rely on unnecessary drugs for the rest of their lives. Instead, they are:

  • Interested in discovering the underlying cause of their problems, rather than just suppressing symptoms
  • Motivated to play an active role in their own healing process
  • Willing to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes


Even if you’re not a client, you can still sign up and access our favorite supplement provider. In short, to sign up, simply visit the store’s landing page, browse and shop. By all means, if you have any questions, please contact us. After all, we are happy to help!

Holistic Functional Medicine



At Bion Healthcare, our goal is for you to experience personalized medicine that addresses the root cause of your health concerns. Above all, we can help you get well and stay well, without unnecessary drugs or surgery. Visit our Health and Wellness blog for articles to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a New Patient appointment?

If you are new to Bion Healthcare and want to become a Functional Medicine Client with us, you must purchase a block of time known as the New Patient Consultation appointment. This appointment takes approximately 60 minutes and is conducted virtually.

I’m not an Indiana or Florida resident, can I still become a patient with Bion Healthcare?

No. In order to become a patient at Bion Healthcare, you must be a resident of Indiana or Florida.

Do I need to have an established Primary Care Physician to become a patient?

It depends. If you are a Functional Medicine client, we require you establish care with a Primary Care Physician within the first 3 months to continue working with us. Lab Testing (only) clients are not required to establish care with a PCP.

Holistic Medicine in Florida and Indiana

We passionately offer holistic care in Florida and Indiana. Our Holistic Functional Medicine team will create a holistic treatment plan just for you, for the purpose of helping your body begin healing. Above all, our goal is for you to experience personalized medicine that addresses the root cause of your health concerns and moves you toward optimal living. We proudly serve the following communities.

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Bion Healthcare

Bion Healthcare offers a personalized approach to healthcare. No trip to the doctor’s office required. With virtual access to our medical providers and treatments mailed to you, Bion Healthcare is functional health and wellness made easy.